Use search to drive conversions

40% of potential buyers land on a product listing page. Helping your customers find the products most relevant to them - with the ability to quickly filter, sort and search - gives them a better experience. Since Episerver’s behavioral search is an integral part of the search solution, you can take visitors from intent to purchase in no time.

Enhanced relevance and powerful search functionality

Personalized Find from Episerver is a highly scalable, multilingual, full-featured and easy to use Enterprise Search solution built to optimize the customer experience for each individual user. Personalized Find transcends standard product search functionality by providing true 1:1 personalization, and power and agility when you need it most. The Enterprise Search solution brings the power of Episerver Personalization algorithms to your search results, enabling merchandisers to:

  • Add and weight search rankings for individual visitors in a multitude of scenarios, from B2C retail apparel to B2B unit sales.
  • Drastically reduce manual merchandising, instead utilizing machine learning to optimize rankings for each and every user wherever you display your products.
  • Drive traffic via dynamically built landing pages. Pages are consistently and automatically updated to reflect the best products or content for each visitor, thereby increasing the likelihood of a conversion.
  • Enhance content discovery and reduce time spent on search by using past purchase and browsing behavior to boost relevant products to the top of each Category listing page or search result.

Episerver benefits for product discovery

  • Faceted navigation

    Help customers quickly and intuitively drill down to the products they are most interested in. With dynamic faceting, navigation is instant and personalized for any criteria, from product category to price.

  • Guided search

    Provide an assisted search experience the moment a user begins to type a search phrase. Personalized Find is there to help: from type-ahead and autocomplete to best bets and spelling suggestions, all with advanced multi-language support.

  • Behavioral boosting

    Deliver an optimized search experience without the effort: Personalized Find constantly monitors customers’ search queries and their actions, learning from their behavior to yield the most relevant results.

Gartner on search

Gartner research shows that consumers are expecting more from search, since they frequently use services such as Google search and Google Now, Apple’s Siri, and Facebook Graph Search.

92% of internet users says they use search engines more than any other online activity, including email, which creates high expectations.

With competition on the rise, delivering great search experiences to your customers has never been more important.

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