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Boosting average order value with intelligent product recommendations

Delivering intelligent product recommendations at scale

Prior to Episerver, Arcadia Group was displaying basic product recommendations that were manually maintained by style advisors. With such a fast-moving product catalog, this was an inefficient and unscalable approach, with recommendations often staying live even after a product was out of stock.

Arcadia needed a solution that would help it deliver intelligent product recommendations at scale. Thanks to Episerver Perform, Arcadia Group now has the time to find creative solutions for where to place intelligent recommendations to encourage cross-sells, upsells and impulse buys.

Use our ROI calculator to find out what impact AI-based personalization could have on your business

Our ROI calculator is based on Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) Framework. The TEI framework aims to highlight the potential impact that companies can have on their customers.

According to Forrester, companies can increase their conversion rates by 3% and their basket sizes by 5.5% using Episerver’s AI-based personalization tools to deliver highly relevant content and messaging for specific customers.

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$0 in increased revenue by leveraging Episerver’s AI-based personalization.

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“We’ve seen a significant revenue uplift after rolling out the AI personalization suite. Our basket size has been impacted by an increase of 25% with the Episerver Personalization Engine.”

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Total ROI: $0

These average monthly savings would enable you to spend more money on launching more complex web characteristics such as: 

ux-icon Created with Sketch. Improving user experience with updated design and ease of use.

personslization-icon Created with Sketch. Improving customer experience by adding AI-based personalization

search-icon Created with Sketch. SEO services - Boost your brand awareness and sales by optimizing your entire site for better organic search results.

social-media-icon Created with Sketch. Social Media - Invest time in building a community around your brand to raise awareness for your products and services.

headcount-icon Created with Sketch. Additional marketing and sales headcount

With Episerver Perform we’ve found a technology that can engage every individual with unique recommendations and deliver real commercial value. It is sufficiently flexible and scalable to grow with our brands as we build our ecommerce business across mobile, multichannel, and international markets.

- Simon Pritchard, Group Digital Director.

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