Leading Norwegian fashion retailer launches web store with Episerver Commerce

Voice Norge AS is the parent company of Norway’s most recognized and timeless clothing brand for men and women, Jean Paul.

With 65% of Norway’s population shopping online (PostNord, 2017), Voice turned to Episerver Commerce to quickly launch the first in a series of modern ecommerce websites. While the flagship website, www.jeanpaul.no, was meant to serve as a learning experience for Voice, the site quickly generated results for the company and encouraged new visitors to become repeat visitors. Within one year, JeanPaul.no would become a substantial revenue source with a growing product catalog on the single site.


Voice knew they had their work cut out. Not only were they starting a web storefront from scratch, but they also had ambitions to integrate parts of their business that weren't designed to sell products online such as the warehouse and other logistical touchpoints. With well heeled experience, Voice knew what it wanted from its commerce suite and what it wanted to avoid. 


Voice had several options, one including the choice to outsource the project before, during or after implementation. However, with dozens of other sites to eventually launch for its portfolio, Voice wanted local ownership and to be as close to the chosen solution as possible. 

Based on their requirements, Voice selected Episerver Commerce. It gave the team ample freedom to combine A/B testing, personalization features and baseline analytics to optimize their site. The highlight for Voice was the ability to deploy an advance digital commerce suite that's flexible enough to complement their long-term customer experience and growth plans. This included introducing omnichannel features like click-and-collect while allowing the team to make changes effortlessly. 


The goal of getting the site up and running, and optimizing from there, is coming to fruition. Voice’s next web storefront is set to capitalize on more of Episerver’s omnichannel functionality to make good use of their digital shops within its brand portfolio. These ultimately serve as a differentiator in the buyer’s journey. 

Already, 70% of their consumer's online purchases are now done through handheld electronic devices. This sits alongside the 145% upsurge in average order values when compared to average order values of brick-and-mortar stores. 

"Episerver is helping Voice make our ideas a reality. We couldn’t be happier with Episerver Commerce as we make our adored brands not just accessible on the web, but enjoyable and effortless to shop for as well."

Atle Egenes, E-Commerce Manager, Voice.no

70% of transactions carried out through mobile and tablet devices

145% increase in average order value against physical store


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