Suunto builds sports community with its award-winning website

The internationally recognised is built on Episerver CMS.

Suunto is a Finnish company with a long history producing sports solutions. Next year, Suunto will celebrate its 80th anniversary. It all started with compasses, but now the offering is a very wide selection of products and an internationally famous brand. Suunto's dive computers are especially popular around the world. The two other categories are sports products for measuring performance and outdoor and lifestyle products.

"Our design philosophy is to create holistic products that take the entire extent of their use into account. Measuring performance and high-quality design go hand-in-hand. Our design also seeks to pay attention to the use situation, i.e. what happens before, during, and after sports performance," says Janne Kallio, Performance Business Digital Lead at Suunto.

Focusing on digital experience

The significance of digital look and marketing has become more and more important over the years, not only for Suunto but for a great deal of operators in the branch. At the end of last decade, it was recognised that the website needed some redesign. Suunto had a tremendous number of tenders and, finally, chose Episerver. Their collaboration began in 2009.

"Our business operations are global as our products are sold in more than 100 countries. That is why the website must function perfectly in different languages so that the content is credible and relevant to our customers from different countries. We also wanted to build a strong relationship with our selected partner, which is why the technical support and developer had to be close and available," says Kallio.

The CMS system must also be able to host several international announcements throughout the year. In practice, this means that Suunto's own digital marketing team must be able to update the website easily and quickly.

"The usability of the website software has fulfilled our every wish. Our team is able to implement changes independently, and we have received additional training from Episerver when needed," says Digital Marketing Manager Jaana Åström.

Quality and functionality acknowledged

Last year, a new Sports section was added to the website so that could serve the Suunto community even better. The section features inspiring and instructional content from professionals in seven different sports.

The functionality and quality of the Suunto Sports site has stood out, as the site was the winner of the European Digital Communication Awards' website category last fall. The contest highlighted the content, navigation, functionality and look of the site.

"The usability of Episerver CMS has fulfilled our every wish. Our team is able to implement changes independently, and we have received additional training from Episerver when needed."

Jaana Åström, Digital Marketing Manager, Suunto

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