Growing a digital community of sewists one stitch at a time

Janome is the leading manufacturer of sewing machines in the world. Their machines are sold through just under 1,000 independent dealers across the United States. Janome is known across the globe for the unmatched quality and ease of use of the sewing machines.


Janome knew that building a community and keeping their customers engaged online was essential to their brand. Mike Seminara, Marketing Supervisor at Janome America, Inc. was tasked with growing the Janome culture of sewists and turning them into lifelong customers by promoting user-generated content across their online channels, and therefore attracting more engaged people to the site. 


"We decided on Episerver for a few reasons," says Mike. "The main one was scalability. We knew that when we built a site through Episerver that was top-notch, our subsidiaries around the world would want to use it as well.

Before Digital Experience Cloud, we would take hours trying to take a project that our educators made and turn it into something nice on our website. Now through Digital Experience Cloud, we don’t waste time. We take all the time creating beautiful content to inspire our Janome community. 

I think my favorite thing about it is that I'm able to sit on my iPad and update our website. It is awesome. We see a problem on our site, I can go in on my iPad in a meeting, make the change. Done."


Since launching on Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ users are up 163%, from 40,000 to 104,000 engaged Janome sewists. Janome previously had 86,000 page views per month. Now, their site receives 674,000 page views per month – an impressive 647% increase. 

"We decided on Episerver for a few reasons. The main one was scalability."

Mike Seminara, Marketing Supervisor, Janome America, Inc.


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