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Copenhagen Airport, the largest airport in Scandinavia, serves as the major airport for both Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden and hosts the largest shopping center in Denmark. Located just outside the city center, the airport is owned and operated by Copenhagen Airports A/S. Every day the company's 1,900 employees serve up to 50,000 passengers.


Copenhagen Airports recognizes that travel can be stressful. To make traveling more convenient, the company decided to create online touchpoints for customers, including duty-free pre-order, flight and passenger information, and the ability to research and book parking. Two of the key goals were to help customers make quicker purchasing desicions in the shopping center and make it easy to pick up pre-ordered goods. 


"The customer comes better prepared because we have these online touchpoints, and they will shop more," says Jonas Müller, Head of eCommerce at Copenhagen Airports. "Most of the shopping is, of course, still done at the airport because they can try on clothing and smell the perfumes here. So they research from home or they'll shop from home, and if we're not online they will go somewhere else. 

Whenever I come back from a travel, I just want to go home. So if I can pre-order my goods and pick them up, it makes it a lot easier for me, and of course our passengers feel the same way."


Not only are the customers arriving better prepared to the shopping center, they're also spending more online. With its new e-commerce functionality, Copenhagen Airports has seen customers spending an average of two and a half times more online than they do when visiting the airport. 


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"We've seen the spend at around two and a half times higher than what they spend coming to the airport."

Jonas Müller, Head of eCommerce, Copenhagen Airports


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