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How to migrate your websites to the Episerver Cloud Service

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service | Learn how you easily can migrate your websites to Episerver's Digital Experience Cloud Service.

Create relevant customer experiences using AI

Intelligent Campaigns | Get an introduction to artificial intelligence and what it actually is. And you will see how you can use our AI powered products to more effectively create relevant customer experiences.

How to decipher user behavior – a 4-step model with Nir Eyal

Individualized Content | Join Nir Eyal in a discussion of the four key concepts that make the customer journey easier to understand and control. You'll also see how you can apply Nir’s framework to your business in a 15-minute demo of Episerver.

How to use Dynamics to deliver omnichannel ecommerce

Learn how you can use Microsoft Dynamics and Episerver to quickly launch true omnichannel commerce experiences. Listen to how Eason, the Irish book retailer, implemented unified commerce in a matter of months.

How to make your emails 5 times more effective - Jessica Best

Intelligent Campaigns | Join Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley, in a discussion on how to use data to send more relevant emails and easily create email campaigns that drive leads, revenue and upsells.

The three secrets to B2B ecommerce success – with Justin King

Experience-Driven Commerce | Justin King, B2B thought leader, presents the 3 most important things B2B distribution and manufacturing companies need to succeed with ecommerce.

How to deliver ridiculously good content - with Ann Handley

Individualized content | Join Ann Handley, "Queen of Content Marketing", in a discussion on how to deliver the right quality content at the right time and how using data can help to produce more effective content.

Get real omnichannel marketing results using AI

Join Kath Pay, Email Marketing Thought Leader, in this webinar to learn how to create truly intelligent campaigns. Kath explains how to develop campaign strategies. And you'll also see how to implement these strategies using Episerver's AI powered technology.

What AI can actually do for commerce – with Jason Goldberg

Join Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg in a webinar that goes behind the hype to explain how companies can use AI today. We look at practical examples and discuss how you can get ready for bigger changes tomorrow.

How to create habit-forming experiences – with Nir Eyal

Join Nir Eyal in a webinar explaining how to create online experiences that your visitors want to come back to over and over. How do you “hook” your visitors, and why are some companies so good at it?

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