Recent guides and reports

  • 3 mistakes to avoid when evaluating CMS

    When comparing CMS, what are the major things that can go wrong in the evaluation process? How can you be sure that you are getting a system that best meets your needs? Here are three big mistakes to avoid.

  • Episerver CMS Evaluator's guide

    If you are evaluating content management systems, this short guide gives you an overview of Episerver CMS. See what Mazda, Absolut and the English Football League have achieved with us.

  • When selecting a commerce platform goes wrong

    If you’re looking for an enterprise ecommerce platform, how do you make sure the right vendors go on your shortlist? Here are five mistakes that companies make in the evaluation process and how you can avoid them.

  • Gartner: Money on the move

    The shift in mind-set from face-to-face banking to faceless (digital and mobile) represents an ideal opportunity for the financial services sector. Still, many organizations are experiencing a bumpy transition into the mobile space.

  • 4 steps to simplify the digital experience

    In this guide, we go through the fundamental steps of the digital customer experience, and give hands-on advice on how to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing using Episerver.

  • A Guide to Mastering Ecommerce Optimization

    This guide examines the entire customer journey to show how each step along the way can be optimized for better results. Episerver’s built-in features make the process even easier.

Recent guides and reports

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Vi har mye mye innhold som kan hjelpe deg som markedsfører med å skape enestående oppleveler for besøkende til ditt nettsted.

  1. Vår blogg – våre eksperter deler kunnskap og tanker om trender inn eCommerce og digital markedsføring

  2. On-demand webinarer – få innblikk i hvordan andre bedrifter bruker Episerver og få oppdatering på nyheter i Episerver

  3. Analyserapporter – finn ut hva ledende analysebyråer som sier om eCommerce og digital markedsføring