4 steps to simplify the digital experience

In this guide, we go through the fundamental steps of the digital customer experience, and give hands-on advice on how to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing using Episerver.

As a digital marketer, you face both external and internal challenges - from declining organic reach on social to software issues that saps your team’s productivity. At the same time, you are tasked with managing content that increases lead count, boosts sales, or raises customer loyalty.

How do you handle competition for common search terms?  How do you engage first-time visitor before they bounce? And how do you increase conversions and better serve existing customers?

Our guide covers the four fundamental steps of the digital customer experience, with advice on how to work more effectively using Episerver’s CMS and Digital Marketing platform.


Using this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Increase organic traffic acquisition on desktop and mobile
  • Decrease the bounce rate for first-time visitors
  • Use Episerver to make you and your team more productive
  • Improve your digital marketing through smarter content management

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